• Brad Zarick

Fright House Media: The Creepypasta Company To Watch

If you are familiar with the creepypasta world, then chances are that you have come across Fright House Media. The Detroit, Michigan based company, known for creating creepypasta stories online and narrations via its YouTube channel, is all in on the business of scares.

For those that have never experienced this internet genre of storytelling, creepypastas are horror-related stories, images, or videos. The name is based off the term "copypasta" because the stories are typically copied and pasted all over the internet.

But over the past few years, the popularity of the genre has dwindled after tragic events caused the community to reel itself back and stifle creation.

Despite its struggles, creepypasta hasn't quite met its own horror movie ending, but rather turned into something else. Shifting from its home in the corners of the /x/ board of 4Chan and r/NoSleep subreddit, the genre has made its way to TV screens across the country thanks to Channel Zero, a SYFY television series created by Nicholas Antosca that expands on the plot of creepypastas on the internet.

However, Fright House Media has also been quietly responsible over the years for helping propel the genre into the spotlight with its talented network of writers, artists and storytellers. The company has long granted its writers and narrators creative freedom while backing up their projects with powerhouse marketing.

In late 2020, Fright House announced that it would begin re-producing classic creepypasta stories such as Jeff the Killer, Eyeless Jack and Smile Dog among others to modernize the genre. “These chilling stories have something for everyone — ready to fright and delight genre fans and newcomers alike — and we are excited to re-share them with our fans from around the world,” a spokesperson of Fright House Media explained.

And, earlier this year, Fright House Media stated on it's Twitter that in addition to producing content and media, it would begin offering officially licensed merchandise via its website. Its robust clothing line includes hoodies and shirts from classic horror villains such as Pennywise, Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger.

“We are excited to launch ‘Fright House Clothing’ with our provocative prints and designs for, and from, the creepypasta community. These collections from diverse and emerging artists was a thrill to put together,” stated a spokesperson of Fright House Media.

From a business perspective, Fright House started to reinvent the way in which the creepypasta genre is revered.

One thing that's always been so fascinating and compelling about the creepypasta genre is its ability to reflect what's going on in the world. Really good creepypasta stories connect with audiences on a level deeper than what jump scares can facilitate.

Even after the world has ground despairingly to a COVID-induced halt, Fright House’s ramshackle assortment of classic creepypasta narrations and creepy doll origin stories has continued to rack up new viewers via streaming, despite holding no real star power.

And, this is just the start. It’s an unpredictable, completely new phase of storytelling where narrators and writers face similar battles for the first time.

It’s also the reason that Fright House Media could have a shot at being the most successful creepypasta company ever. It's creative and artistic output through COVID is certainly not to be scoffed at. If anyone can steer fans back to the genre, Fright House Media can.

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